Keeping the people we love in the picture

VCU Massey Cancer Center is a leader in cancer discoveries, by finding new ways to tackle cancer’s many intricate and difficult defenses.

A series of empty chairs serve as reminders of their absence and metaphors for the places they held in the hearts and lives of the people they left behind. We see six scenes where there is an empty chair centered in the frame suggesting the subject is missing. Life continues to play out around the empty chair. After bringing up VCU Massey, there is a reveal of each subject coming into frame and taking a seat.

This spot accompanied our campaign called Imagine a Future Without Cancer. Our one thing: Massey is working to keep the people we love in the picture. When we lose someone to cancer, we lose a partner, a friend, a loved one. We want people to know that Massey Cancer Center is doing everything in their power and more to keep the people we love around—to be with us during every day and the extraordinary moments in our lives. In this spot, we illustrate the big and small ways lives change when people lose someone close to them.

This award-winning campaign helped garner VCU Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center’s comprehensive designation