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i love sunny buick‘s tattoos. she has the most awesome tattoo script writing. it reminds me of louise fili, one of my favorite branding/packaging design firms for its lovely typography. i love the colors she uses in all her tattoos. she does a great job of retaining the old traditional sailor jerry feel but has a lot of fun with subjects and content. her portfolio is brimming with rockets and tea cups, luchadors, pin-us and kitties. female tattoo artists are such babes. another lady i’ve added to my list of ppl i want to be when i grow up. i’d also settle for just getting tattooed by her. next time i’m in paris…

her protege Sailor Roman also just got a sweet identity designed by Cosmo Sapiens. check it out.
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October 16, 1997

Dear Diary,

I hope nowone finds this because it is just about the last page. I don’t want anyone to look at this page because it is about a personal boyfriend that I met at summer camp. (LLYC). His name is Stratten. When I danced with him I started to have a crush on him. Now I want to see him again but I probably wont. I miss all of my friends at summer camp. Except Michelle and Anna. Anna was fat and Michelle was skiny and mean. Stratten had a buzzed head, little beety brown eyes, he had brown hair, and was realy cute. He said that I danced good and if he didn’t like me he wouldn’t tell me the personal things he told me. like he didn’t know how to dance (Just like me) so he took ballet lessons. He didn’t think he could dance after that but I liked the way he danced. The last dance that we had at summer camp was on the basket ball court. I cried because he didn’t want to dance with me there. So my friends came over and asked me “What is the matter?” I told them the whole story. So they went and got him for me and he said he liked me. That was when he told me he liked how I danced and that he told me that he took ballet and tried to learn how to dance and I told him that I did the same thing. The next day was when we all left. I told my best friend sally to take a picture of him but i fergot to turn the nob so it did not develope. I was sad because I missed him already.

I wish I could see him one more time to tell him I liked him.

Kim K

P.S. I hope god can read this so stratten can be at summer camp (LLYC) with me next year again.

P.P.S. Please!
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wangari maathai and debbi carlos

i’ve almost been awake twenty four hours. i woke up at 5:30 to go to jubilee for the first time in two years. good to be back, but so strange not recognizing any faces from the old days. i rode my bike to the pig to get some coffee before the world cup game and ran into josiah who added another page to my summer reading list! he also gave me some movies, most of which were the environmental series that played at liberty that i somehow missed all of. i love lawrence summers. the day ended with my team winning our first game in the summer ultimate league, then outdoor movie in my old teacher’s backyard (Tell No One, directed by Guillaume Canet) SO GOOD. now off to sleep so i can wake up early for more world cup. love. my. life.

I found these inspirations I had posted on my old blog for Graphic Design II. I looked back at them today because I’m using a similar cut & paste style, but also because these sites were just so cool. This is something I need to start playing with a lot more on my free time. I want to become a lot better at ornamentation and layering, and doing things in my free time in general.. Enjoy!

website . Misprinted Type

>>also here’s the link to the Harry Potter fan site I redesigned forever ago. Choose ravenclaw!


It’s time for an update, sorry guys. Thanksgiving came and went, and of course while being confined in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Alabama without cell service, internet and 5 TV channel options with a satellite, I had an amazingly relaxing time and got nothing school-related accomplished. Last night I stayed up until my class this morning finishing up my sustainable packaging audit for the House of Chá. Here are some pages from my PDF presentation..

What is occupying my time now is the website for my composting project. It’s coming along slowly but surely. I can’t explain how frustrating it is to have to teach yourself a program, and not have a teacher behind you to ask questions along the way. After hours of Flash tutorial watching, I have a few fancy frames to show for it. And then I of course stumble upon beautiful sites like this that make me feel completely inadequate. I should go learn Flash in Japan. They obviously know how to work it.
Decayed Carnival

Amidst my research for creating a movie/motion graphic piece for my decomposition project I stumbled upon this. I love the colors, especially during the merry-go-round scene.