old people & computers

tomorrow is the day I get to talk to the lady at the front office of the neighborhood and ask her about the possibility of teaching a computer class at the club house. (the neighborhood community center next to the marina) I’m super excited about the whole plan. I’ve researched and created some lesson plans that I hope to solidify after getting advice from Pat, the office lady. I also want to consult the closest thing I have to a focus group consisting of my grandma and Konnie, my grandpa’s wife on my mom’s side. I’m crossing my fingers for a “of course you can bring these old ppl into the 2000’s!” It will keep my hands busy in January at least, and will also be a great thing to talk about when my PC rep calls me. If I don’t hear any good news soon, I think I’m chicago bound. It’s a lot more difficult to live here than I was anticipating. I just need a distraction and teaching will hopefully be the key.

for my meeting tomorrow I designed an example flyer I want to give to people with the schedule of classes and a friendly message. it was fun to play around with. i’m wayy too productive here.

best christmas present idea ever

i thought of the best christmas present for my brother yesterday and it’s already in the works. my brother just got into brewing his own beer. he made one batch that turned out pretty good from one of those starter kits. i was proud. he’s asking my parents for a 30 gallon pot for christmas to make the process a little easier for his next round—and more to follow it seems. beer brewing is such a cool hobby. i decided to make him some beer labels with a logo of his own so he can feel legit. i even looked into custom crown caps, coasters and i already want a tshirt đŸ™‚

what i need you readers for is a good name! funny or german or local yokel. help! prease!

here’s some process work. too much fun..


Last night was a wonderful night for music. I was laying on my floor with my head on a big pillow listening to our giant boom box blare bon iver, and I pictured justin vernon laying on a pillow mirroring me and singing to me. It was wonderful, and would actually make a pretty cool commercial or ipod marketing visual i think. I’ll keep it in my back pocket..

This idea is verbally copyrighted as of 12.5.09.