the nature of the beast the whereabouts of a peace corps volunteer in the west region of Cameroon.

the nature of the beast


I arrived back to the States in August of 2013. I have relocated to the vibrant city of New Orleans and for the past year I have been working in advertising, eaten my weight in King Cake and have fested my way down the pot-holed streets of the Big Easy. I am currently in search of the best fried shrimp po-boy.

This blog held the stories and images I came across during my adventures in Cameroon, Africa working for the Peace Corps. It was a resource for friends and family to follow my whereabouts, and anyone else who may have stumbled upon me. I served for 27 months beginning in June of 2011 teaching Computer Literacy and English in Bandenkop, Cameroon.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this blog in no way represent or reflect the views of the United States Government or the Peace Corps. They are mine alone, proudly and positively.

[Please disregard this list of things to mail me as I am no longer in Cameroon, I am just keeping it here for nostalgia]
Things to send if you miss me: (but please know I have everything I need here!! this is just me being homesick, selfish or hungry)

  • nice smelling candles
  • quick mixes – jiffy blueberry muffins, cookies, anything interesting
  • seasoning packets – (not taco) chili, beef stew, other dishes
  • chicken and beef bouillon
  • cooked meats- tuna cans, packaged chicken, clams
  • string cheese & pizza sauce packets
  • just add water anything
  • anything that keeps me from having to use water
  • pictures of family & friends
  • magazines

to this address:

Kim Koelling
Peace Corps Volunteer
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 979
Bafoussam, Cameroon


B.P. 215
Yaoundé, Cameroon

**it helps to decorate it in bible verses, crosses and fish. Also addressing it to sister kimberly koelling or return address being a church helps! And insure it if you can. This way hopefully nothing gets stolen. :)

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