the nature of the beast the whereabouts of a peace corps volunteer in the west region of Cameroon.

the nature of the beast

before you leave for peace corps you think two years will fly by like they did in college. You think about the big events you may miss, weddings, babies, and shrug a shoulder thinking of the big adventure you’re jumping into. When you’re miles away and a year and a half in it isn’t only the big events you’re sad about missing, but the small overlooked life changing moments that you dwell on. It’s the simplest days that you miss and are homesick for. My best friend had her heart broken and I can’t give her a big hug and tell her it will be alright. I think about all of my best friends and how many days have passed since I last talked to each one. They’ve all met new people I don’t know and have built up these relationships while i’m waiting for electricity and free time to skype. I’m really far away and I feel it sometimes.

thank god for blogs

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  1. Sean says:

    You’ve been on my mind of late as well, Kim Koelling. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Peter says:

    The last six months are so hard. I came home for Christmas before I COSed in July. Frankly I did not want to get back on the plane; what was the point? But when I got back and started working again I realized that I was beginning to have an impact. I understood the local culture to the extent any outsider can and that was appreciated. I was fortunate enough to have one person actually say so. That because the Volunteers were there that he had a better understanding of americans and compassion for us as a country. I believe that this was true for others but they did not say so.

    When you do return and you get together with those true friends, you will find that soon it will be as if you never left. Except you will have interesting stories to tell. And your friends think what you are doing is really cool. And it really is!

  3. galosalsa says:

    Kim! I totally know what you mean, it can be difficult sometimes. Hang in there buddy! You are almost back home! I know in a few months you’re totally gonna be missing Africa. Keep up the good work :)

  4. lindsey says:

    keep going kimmy! love you@

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