the nature of the beast the whereabouts of a peace corps volunteer in the west region of Cameroon.

my humble african abode

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  1. jhnordyke says:

    Dear Kim,
    Your primitive living isn’t as primitive as we had thought – you have made it look very cozy and inviting-how did you come up with Bellatrix’s name? Also, I want a hammock very badly and now have convinced DD that it is possible to have one in Stuart, FL if you can have one in Africa-we are going to figure out how to send your hand sanitizer that your Dad’s shipping co wouldn’t ship-the mittens are coming soon and what else do you want?
    We love you and think of you daily-your creativity is awesome-
    love and hugs-
    DD and Konnie

  2. Liz Goering Wiebe says:

    Lady- I haven’t been able to read for a while with my studies and all. This place looks awesome and those floors in your house remind me of Honduras and the never ending sweeping!! Wow. What a fun adventure. I really wish I could take time off and come a visit, drink soda and eat together with you! May you have a lovely day and be filled with love. I should email you sometime soon!

    La paz,

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