I am a graphic designer and art director transitioning from life in the Bay Area to Nashville. I specialize in web design, print and prepress design as well as animation.

Giving Small Businesses a Big Voice

Since a young age, I’ve felt that thrill of excitement when characters, colors and images are all perfectly arranged into a beautiful, and purposeful experience. About once a month, growing up, I would cook my family dinner and serve it restaurant-style. I would carefully design a menu and proudly hang my handmade sign next to the dining room reading “Kim’s Café”. My specialty was a Pillsbury crescent roll hot dog with sautéed onions and dijon mustard rolled up inside.

It wasn’t until after college when I left for Cameroon to serve in the Peace Corps that I discovered that design can be used not just aesthetically, but to communicate, empower and improve lives. Introducing the women of the COFTRAKOL to this previously unexplored form of communication opened so many eyes to possibility. A logo became a uniting symbol, packaging design did justice to hours of labor working towards financial independence, and personal stories were recorded, translated and shared for all the world to understand why so many women are working hard together for a shared goal.

Since Cameroon, design has held much more weight. It’s a powerful tool now accompanied with a moral and social obligation to try and make things better and communicate more clearly. To give voice to people, businesses or organizations who don’t have the effective means. With my skills in print, web and interactive design I strive to create beautiful things while clearly expressing the intended goals and messages of my clients.