I can’t believe it’s already august. Right now I’m waiting for 11:30 to roll around to teach my last practical class (the students have an hour of IT every day for theory and 1 day practical using the computer lab). I’m hoping that the other half of the class will get to create email accounts with gmail today. They type so slow which slows things down a lot, and the account forms and security questions are guaranteed to create chaos. “Madame! Madame! I can’t read these squiggly letters!” I’ve grown to really like my kids. I hope they do well on the final exam friday.

I’ve also really gotten comfortable with my host family. We have our routines, and my french has improved so much with their help. They are so patient with me and they’ve taught me so much about the Cameroonian culture and way of life. Their is a way to do everything, even striking matches. I cut plantains like mama lydie, wring my laundry like mama lydie and i’ve practices my slow african woman walk (use a whole lot of hips and walking so slow it almost feels like you might be moving backwards) When I have a basket resting on my child-bearing hips it looks especially convincing.