This morning when I was packing for school and the first day of clubs I discovered that my cleats had been stolen out of my room. It affected me in the strangest way, because I love my family and have only been locking my door when I wasn’t at the house, but I remembered my shoes being there yesterday and this morning they were gone. I tried not to cry all morning—and it definitely was not because I no longer have the $10 cleats I bought from goodwill 4 years ago. I knew this would change a lot about my household. I’ve been compromised. The space I’ve been working so hard to make my home is no longer comfortable and communal with my sisters.

Each night they’ve been coming in while I do my lesson plans and homework to watch my favorite anime movie on my ipod and dig through my toiletries basket using my nail files, fingernail polish and reading the toothpaste labels. After this morning, with Mama Lydie getting on the floor to search for my shoes under my bed, I realized that would no longer be part of my routine. I came home from school today and locked my room door just after dropping off my bag by my desk. Patricia has been hanging around the table just outside my door, but I can’t let her in. I have new rules for my room, and in my room I’m making new rules for my classroom. I’m over my Première students not respecting me because they have the power in the language department, and because I have the extreme opposite of an intimidating presence. I also was lucky that my computer and ipod were blatantly overlooked in the cleat theft, and need to start taking more precautions. As sad as it is.

Tomorrow is my first class teaching the sixième anglais class! I’m excited. It’s going to be completely different than my upper class IT class in french. Babies and english and a banana song for the end. 3 hours of teaching tomorrow. I hope I survive.