School is a lot more hectic here than I had imagined. This morning my family woke me up at 6 by turning up the stereo in their room really loud at 6 am and then knocking on my door 10 min later when it seemed their plan hadn’t worked. I made the mistake of not being able to have my usual chocolat chaud yesterday morning because I was finishing up homework and running late so this morning they wanted me up early no exceptions. I had to go to the end of the road to buy bread, and then ate breakfast with my dad, sat for 20 min and then left for school. We started out with our first technical training session today, and went over the correct way to write a class objective. After 2 hrs of tech was language for another hour or so. By the end I felt like it was already 3 in the afternoon. We ate lunch at the lycee (high school) for the first time. Usually we walk back to the SED house where there’s some ladies who sell us lunch. Today lunch was a whole lot cheaper, but we heard it was the first time these new ladies were selling lunch for the PCTs so they haven’t upped the prices yet, and word has gone around already not to mention it.

After lunch was another tech lesson where we learned how to crimp FTP cables and theoretically connect 3 computers to a single server (configure a LAN network). I am a little nervous to be learning so much at once and then have to be depended on at my post to know the solution to every problem. I just need to take a ton of notes and soak it all up like a sponge. So far I think I’m pretty good at crimping cables! After this lesson was another language class. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m on my period, but I’m already getting tired of language class. It gets so frustrating not understanding so much all the time. My teacher talks so fast, but I do think I’m getting better already and it’s only been a week. This afternoon we talked a ton about Polygamy and the pros and cons. It was difficult to discuss especially since our teacher comes from a polygamist family. Her mom is one of 5 wives I think. After class was the bar. It’s always the bar. They have to love when PCTs come in town and buy beers and hunks of bread every day. Eric and I did homework on the porch when we got back. I love that it’s becoming a tradition.