I came back early from site visit at Bandenkop to help put together the computer lab for model school. Another volunteer, Kalika, and I spent yesterday plugging everything in and taking things out of boxes and today I hooked up 10 computers to a network. Now I’m blogging to celebrate! Finally. The connection is super slow, but I’m glad to have anything at all. There are 30 computers in our lab all together and hopefully I can get a picture up tomorrow.

I love my post that got to visit the last week. It’s the colorado of Afrika-cold, dry and in the mountains except with a feq more palm trees and some giant eucalyptus trees that look like they’ve been there for millions of years. It’s a tiny village and I only have 350 student at my school. My proviseur wants me to teach computers to the 3 older grades, as well as english to the first years and german to the 4th years! I’ll be busy but I’m so excited! Everyone in the town is excited that I’m coming in September which is all i could have asked for.

I’m going to buy an avacado sandwich from the lady with the stand right next to the lycee here in Bafia. After that Kalika and I are going to send off the other half of the trainees (small enterprise development) who are leaving for their site visits today. I’m so happy because Natalie, one of my good friends here, got the town 10 min from me. Can’t wait. Love you all. I’ve been writing lots of posts on my laptop that just need to be loaded up. Soon enough.