I arrived in Philly, got to my hotel where all the other Peace Corps people would be trickling into during the evening and next morning. Sato forgot to book me a room since I had to fly in a day early, which kind of made me freak out, but actually ended up with me in a room with a king size bed and no roommate—awesome! I jumped on my bed and called my mom, who made me go down and meet people. She’s so good for me. So just like freshman year of college I ventured downstairs to mingle with strangers.

I’ve met two girls now, one of which I met when the door opened of my king size no-roommate-room with a hotel guy and girl with luggage. Turns out I did end up with a roommate—Sato forgot to book both our rooms. I’m just glad I was wearing pants!

More updates to come. Here is a pic of my giant bed compliments of the governments, and a tearful goodbye with my mom in florida.