halfway there!

today i spent roughly ten hours sitting in the same spot on the couch embroidering what my mother referred to as my “ugly flower.” I laid out each color of thread on the seat next to me and turned my itunes to yann tiersen’s amelie soundtrack. I listened while I drank my coffee and dreamed about patterns I could design myself with this new crafty knowledge. the basketball game came on tv—we’ll skip this portion of the day. by then I had only finished stitching two of my greens. snacking on soft candy peppermint chews (I forgot to buy the werthers from my original plan) I continued filling out the leaves of my flowers, getting quicker as the hours passed. currently i’ve moved onto the first pink shade of the petals. a meg ryan movie is on now and I can’t help thinking how cute she is and how she never should’ve gotten that stupid nose job. my eyes are beginning to blur and i’ve poked my finger more times than i want to count, but I have to say I loved every minute of today (excluding those minutes previously omitted of course).

thanks florida. you’re not all bad..