i’ve gone back to the drawing board in an effort to thwart my imminent boredom. in order to return to my positive bliss during my time here in the sunshine state, i’ve decided to become really good at old people things while i’m surrounded by those most “experienced” in the field. ideas i’ve come up with are embroidery and making homemade candy. i’ve been researching where i could take a class, but it looks as if it’s quilting season already and i’ve missed my chance. i don’t quite have the patience for such a large project at the moment. patience might be another good thing to try out. maybe i’ll spend a whole day choosing long lines, driving 5 under the speed limit, and fishing off the dock while eating some werther’s originals.. my candy making project will commence after my brother and his girlfriend leave tomorrow for home and with them their teenage lethargy they’ve been contagiously emanating. my dad leaves for germany tomorrow, too and then things will start to really get boring.

this is where you, my trusty readers, come in. i need old people ideas. please, thanks, ready, go!