it’s strange to think about how i want to say goodbye to things in a month. whats the proper etiquette for things like this? i have a month to try and hang out with everyone i love in lawrence, to see everything i haven’t gotten around to seeing the past 4.5 years i’ve been here. i’ve always been the kid at summer camp who was grossed out by the girls crying about being homesick. i just never got it. i knew i would go home. calm down, kid, it’s just 2 weeks and then you’re back at your house being hot and bored because it’s texas. i’m not usually one to miss people either. this time it’s a little different. when i come “home” everyone will be scattered. in a month everything changes, and i say real goodbyes. but who really feels the sincerity of a goodbye until they’re already gone..

i guess i’ll have a party or something..

things to do before i leave: (feel free to add to it)

•sell all of my stuff
•take pictures of the town
•go to all the stores on mass i’ve never been in
•eat at kelly’s diner with ferrell
•find a way to see everyone at once and hug them really tight
•get people’s email
•finish my website so peeps can follow me