when my roommate and I have the same day off, the morning is guaranteed to be awesome. this morning was no exception. i woke up first and started making biscuits and eggs for some breakfast sandwiches. i put the morningstar sausage in the microwave and rinsed off some strawberries. i woke up katie—mom style—and we ate breakfast on the couch.

last night we drove to the oread hotel to go to the jimmy johns and steal some toilette paper. across the street is my old apartment so i stopped in to say hi and grab the copious amounts of christmas records i’ve collected over the years. this morning, as we sat on the couch, we listened to john denver’s christmas for cowboys and talked about what our christmas traditions are until it wasn’t technically morning anymore.

katie did her hair as i talked to my aunt on the phone about peace corps. she sounded sleepy because she had stayed up till 4am reading the seventh harry potter to get ready for the movie. i have the best family ever. i havent gotten placed yet so i have nothing new on the pc front, but we talked about being pin cushions for shots and melt down prone on return. still excited.

best morning ever.