my cousin carroll came to visit me this weekend. she’s thinking about going to KU after taking a year off after high school traveling around europe with a performing arts group that does community service works, too. the group is called Up with People. our uncle david did it in the 70’s and apparently still knows people on the board. what a cool experience. i don’t think i could have ever done that—take a year off. maybe for the same reason i dont like to take naps..

anyway, i think i converted her. KU has become a random tradition for my family it seems. my sister came to lawrence because her best friend in college got a full ride track scholarship. following was me, then my little brother. now my cousin. and probably and hopefully her little sisters after. legacy!

i tried to giver her an authentic lawrence/KU experience, whatever that is. we went to rudy’s for pizza and then home for some dawson’s creek on my new projector/surround sound set-up! (new jayhawk and a new dawson’s creek fan, what can i say? i do good work). friday she took the campus tour while i was at work. it was final fridays so we watched another episode of dc and then we went gallery hopping on mass until we had built up an appetite and ate at the new gourmet taco place called esquina. soo good! we got the el jefe. a veggie burrito that has eaten a chipotle burrito. or two. more galleries. more dawsons creek. then at night i took her to the jackpot to see ad astra arkestra.

yesterday was the ku game. my brother’s girlfriend got us a couple tickets so we could get into the game and we used my two ID cards from school and successfully snuck in. mist-rain aside, it was fun explaining the cheers and traditions and rules of football. i haven’t been to a game in years. it all came back like riding a bike. i excitedly pointed out scott on the field playing with the drumline to carroll and my friend we went with. then he dropped his stick. it was my fault i think.

last night we chilled on my porch with sweatpants, long socks and cereal welcoming the cooler fall weather and hanging out with my roommate and our upstairs neighbor. today we had a family lunch with my brother, carroll, my brother’s girlfriend and me. zen zero. yum.

she’s on a plane now back to denver. i hope she loved lawrence like i did when i first visited. man that was such a long time ago..