i’ve been helping judge a photography contest for the past week now for River to Well, an annual event held to raise money to fund wells in south africa. last year the event raised over $5,000. i blushed when katie’s sister asked me to help judge, but i’m really glad she did because i’ve had a blast analyzing photographs. good and bad. and spending hours color-coding and foldering. example: so far so good, but i’m having a terrible time narrowing down to the top 4 for each sub-category of student, amateur and professional. tomorrow the judges are getting together to show each other what we’ve chosen and fight for our favorites.

i wanted to talk more about what i’ve thought about the judging process, but i’ll hold off until the competition is over. vague is good. esp when you might already be breaking rules for showing your color coded folder system..

lastly, because i am i judge i couldn’t enter my favorite photograph from my trip. i wouldn’t have won, but i love how it turned out. so much color! mm take me back plz

taken with my pentax film camera