October 16, 1997

Dear Diary,

I hope nowone finds this because it is just about the last page. I don’t want anyone to look at this page because it is about a personal boyfriend that I met at summer camp. (LLYC). His name is Stratten. When I danced with him I started to have a crush on him. Now I want to see him again but I probably wont. I miss all of my friends at summer camp. Except Michelle and Anna. Anna was fat and Michelle was skiny and mean. Stratten had a buzzed head, little beety brown eyes, he had brown hair, and was realy cute. He said that I danced good and if he didn’t like me he wouldn’t tell me the personal things he told me. like he didn’t know how to dance (Just like me) so he took ballet lessons. He didn’t think he could dance after that but I liked the way he danced. The last dance that we had at summer camp was on the basket ball court. I cried because he didn’t want to dance with me there. So my friends came over and asked me “What is the matter?” I told them the whole story. So they went and got him for me and he said he liked me. That was when he told me he liked how I danced and that he told me that he took ballet and tried to learn how to dance and I told him that I did the same thing. The next day was when we all left. I told my best friend sally to take a picture of him but i fergot to turn the nob so it did not develope. I was sad because I missed him already.

I wish I could see him one more time to tell him I liked him.

Kim K

P.S. I hope god can read this so stratten can be at summer camp (LLYC) with me next year again.

P.P.S. Please!