today was the most productive day in the life of kimk. i think a mixture of warm sunny weather and tricking myself into believing that everyone i know is out of town really got me into the spring cleaning spirit. here’s my day so far:

waking up to read to pg 80 of invisible man for me&ktd’s first “book club” discussion

finishing up writing and addressing thank you notes from graduation

dropping off 3 loads of laundry at the laundromat

sending thank yous at the post office downtown and grabbing some coffee with the lovely fisher sisters

✔ rescuing a cat that had escaped by luring it with a toy i macgyvered using twine and an earring and calling the number on the tag

living room rearrangement to fit the addition of 300 movies and vhs tapes compliments of aaron (and some serious dusting)

lunch of wedding leftovers (paisano’s=yumm AND cake!)

picking up laundry AND EVEN FOLDING IT (it deserved to be folded after waiting so long to get washed, i think)

making my bed with clean sheets and pillow cases (this is a rare occurrence)

taking inventory of all scrap paper, matt board, and foam core/dusting behind my dresser (being a craft-er and graphic designer automatically makes me a paper collector)

✔ this lead to a rearrangement of my room to organize all of my art supplies i’ve collected over the years

this lead to much dusting and sweeping up of all the dirt that had accumulated in my “art corner” from dora knocking down my window plants over&over

✔ kwick shop 54cent drink run

✔ sitting outside and catching up with my parents

✔ blogging—woo!

and now i’m headed to a friends for margaritas and a movie. goooooooooooooood day!