three more days until my roommates leave for Siena, Italy. I am jealous beyond measure. mostly because I want to traipse around barcelona and paris and florence with them and sketch things in charcoal and dance in boites de nuit and barcelona music festivals with my girls.

lawrence is going to be wonderful, though. I’m not worried. I’m visiting home for a week in june for one of my favorite people’s bachelorette party & wedding! I’m super excited for the dancing that will occur, for the people who are coming directly reflect our high school prom group, and that was one of the best nights of my life. It began with sixpence none the richer on the radio with my favorite song kiss me, a perfect beginning. On the dance floor Monica ridgeway approached our dancing mass exclaiming she was jealous because of how much fun we looked like we were having. Nobody dancing with their date, all hands in the air and quinn using his best moves looking exactly like napoleon dynamite without trying at all. a pinnacle high school moment.

I hope it is the same at the wedding except with kirby and steen in the middle of the floor.

i woke up this morning and started designing the invitations to her panty party 🙂 can’t wait.