This morning was one of the good ones. I had to wake up early to drop Lindsey off at work, but I like saving her. I went back home and slept more, burying under my comforter to block the bright overcast skies that were somehow filling my room with bright. I woke up finally after hearing the campanile, but didn’t move until I counted the gongs to figure out what time it was. I thought about how that’s how they would have done it in the old days instead of looking at their cell phones. I cooked my veggies with curry powder and toasted some Wheatfields bread I got from Veggie Lunch on thursday. I sat down in the living room and put on the Bob Dylan record I got in Germany and hadn’t listened to yet. Man it was good. It was a tiny bit warped so I set a penny on the needle and fixed—I love the cracks and sounds of vinyl. The next record in the lineup was Cream’s Once Upon a Time.

I have loved Cream ever since listening to them on family road trips to Alabama. I don’t love all the music my dad made us listen to, but nothing says Koelling road trip like Cream, Queen, and Barry White. After Cream, Ferrell had woken up and Aaron had walked over out of unadulterated boredom, and the record was changed to Dan Fogelberg. What a man. Dan Fogelberg is the man Ferrell’s dad listened to on family road trips to colorado. The record is actually Trent’s, Ferrell’s brother. Though Trent is what some call a “music elitist” he is not immune to listening to the family road trip bands either. Listening to these bands on vinyl, I can’t help but imagine that 30 years ago on a similar Sunday morning in college my dad would have had the same routine: waking up a little hungover, putting on his favorite Cream album and starting some homework.

Now I’m listening to Real Estate. I like it more every time I listen to it.

what babes.