Top foreign films I’ve recently watched:

La Vie en Rose
True story of Edith Piaf! A wonderful french singer with a life and a voice that gives you goosebumps. It was a great movie, but I couldn’t help but get frustrated with the different circumstances she was faced with. But how can you argue with a true story.. Great movie, great music! I definitely recommend this one!

The Edukators
So awesome! Easily one of my new favorite movies. Condemning and inspiring at the same time, 3 twenty somethings take it upon themselves to break into wealthy people’s houses, move things around and leave messages. They are always looking back at the revolutionaries from the 60’s and wondering why people never stand up for things anymore. One of their gigs goes wrong, and it turns out to be a wake up call. Great movie!

Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie
The American title for this movie is: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. It’s a great story about a dysfunctional family going through the usual struggles; midlife crises, sibling rivalries, romance and growing up generalities. The youngest son also happens to be the cutest boy with a ponytail that I have ever seen. And he does air guitar competitions.

Love in Thoughts
This story is very romantic, very poetic and very messed up. The setting is Germany in the 20’s, and Daniel Brühl (LOVE HIM) plays a young college poet, Paul, who falls in love with the sister of his best friend, Günther. Günther is gay, and his sister, Hilde, is wild and flirty, and has no desire for love and relationships. So she says. It turns out that Günther and his sister Hilde are both in love with the same man. Oh Snap! This movie is dark, and romantic, and worth a watch just for the ending, if not just because Daniel Bruhl is in it..

The main character, Kristoffer, is never without his video camera. Him and his best friend do crazy stunts like the Johnny Knoxville Show, and his roommate has an irrational fear of leaving the apartment complex. During one of their stunts, the security guards in the TV2 station catch them jumping out the multiple story window into the bin where TV2 had been throwing out foam insulation pads. Kristoffer drops a few tapes on his desperate sprint out. It’s a cute and romantic movie because of how pathetic he is with relationships, but I more so enjoyed the relationship between him and his best friend and his scared roommate, Stig Inge. Not life changing, but fun to watch.