It’s time for an update, sorry guys. Thanksgiving came and went, and of course while being confined in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Alabama without cell service, internet and 5 TV channel options with a satellite, I had an amazingly relaxing time and got nothing school-related accomplished. Last night I stayed up until my class this morning finishing up my sustainable packaging audit for the House of Chá. Here are some pages from my PDF presentation..

What is occupying my time now is the website for my composting project. It’s coming along slowly but surely. I can’t explain how frustrating it is to have to teach yourself a program, and not have a teacher behind you to ask questions along the way. After hours of Flash tutorial watching, I have a few fancy frames to show for it. And then I of course stumble upon beautiful sites like this that make me feel completely inadequate. I should go learn Flash in Japan. They obviously know how to work it.