This is it. The class I’ve been looking forward to ever since I got a sneak preview, as a lowly sophomore, of the projects that the upper class fourth year graphics students had been working on. The desks had been transformed into individual presentations, tiered with boxes, bags and invented products–each reflecting the hours and hours of detail work and focus that had been dedicated to them. What drew me so much to this type of project is my own desire to create a business and be the sole designer behind all aspects of its design and brand identity. Though, this semester there is a new professor teaching the course, and with a new professor comes a new perspective or take on the curriculum or project. In this case, the project has not changed so much, but instead of inventing a commercial business that uses packaging, we are free to choose any business or organization, or even a niche audience that we feel needs a designers assistance solving a particular problem or overlooked aspect. Here is our vague outline of the project:

independently identify and define a significant problem facing a civic institution, niche audience,government agency or commercial business;

conduct research to develop a strategy to solve the problem you identified;

visualize your research;

translate your research into a persuasive and emotional visual proposal;

support your reasoning and work with process documentation

I’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about the possibilities of my future entrepreneurial endeavors, and have come up with some creative and fresh ideas involving a cupcakery/bookery, but the question I’ve not quite answered for myself is “Why?” Why do people need this luxury; Is there any way I could use it to help the community?; What makes this cupcakery different than the other bakeries, or how can I make it better than the competition? This last question, I’ve dabbled with more, but this project–I hope–will force me to find a place for my idea in a way that will more benefit society rather than clutter it with more capitalistic/consumeristic crap.

Although, with Peace Corps on the horizon, it may be beneficial to think about creating and designing a non-profit program to experience the steps and what’s needed to create/repitch a program, before I’m thrown into a foreign country and expected to do it with 4x less resources..

I thought this post may help me think of more ideas.. so far no luck. What a mess my brain is when school starts, and creative possibilities are fighting each other and multiplying behind my eyes.

Helpful comments for this post include:

1) what about non-profits, or a particular ngo, irritates you?
2) what company, in your opinion, isn’t handling the switch to sustainability as smoothly as others that have modernized?
3) how could your favorite café or bakery suit you better?
4) what is your favorite part about bakeries?
5) what industry has gone through a recent major change? (ex: blockbuster vs netflix)
6) what would you do if you were me? ha

perhaps I’ll create a survey for people to fill out..? thanks blog