Two buzz words that completely pulled me in. I was thoroughly agitated with myself today on my first day of classes, when the class I thought would perhaps include revolutionary and propagandistic poster art, but instead includes Rococo paintings of french aristocracy and the controversial Marie Antoinette. The teacher talks to fast for me, but it may just be because I’m used to slow and broken English—man I miss it. I’m looking up another art history class now, along with times for a french class that I spontaneously decided to take after a meeting with my Peace Corps advisor! This year is going to be awesome. Especially because my new roommate is wonderful. Lindsey. Not Dora.

Here, though, are some nice paintings I saw from class that may or may not make this class more appealing.

Caspar David Friedrich, The Monk by the Sea

William Turner, Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying

Jean-Augustine-Dominique Ingres, La Grand Odalisque