I woke up this morning and watched the
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer over and over, and got goose bumps 5 times. I’m so freakin excited for july, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find a theater in Nice playing it in English..

Today I have to do layouts until I look like eric cartman at the end of the World of Warcraft episode. Which I watched last night. As I played MUD. Or lambdaMOO. Or we MUDed or MOOed? Whatever. But Jenn and I played the computer game of all computer games. Its one of the first text-based online virtual reality games where people from all over can be logged on simultaneously, and is played from you computer terminal. We started off with the tutorial and learned all the shortcut commands you have to type in to move or talk to people with. You can find a map of the “area” online, and you start out in the coat closet and then you type things like “north” “south” “up” or “down” to move to different rooms, and “examine ___” for descriptions on things. Once you enter rooms you also get descriptions of it; what’s inside the room that other characters have created and left, the size of the room, the color on the walls, etc. Even though it is so nerdy, I can’t help but respect it because of all the imagination that goes into it, and they definitely are not relying on the coolest graphics of the time. You can also make a description of yourself that people see when they “examine” the people in the room. And pick a name and one of the 8 genders.. hmm.. we picked plural.

I felt so nerdy, but at the same time I just wanted to draw pictures of these rooms they were describing and design some awesome map with the secret rooms that weren’t on the map we’d found on the internet with all the commands. It was like I was 8 again mailing my brother letters from summer camp in our secret language..