I finished High Fidelity today at my favorite coffee shop. I ready the last chapter at top speed because a couple had arrived to the “make-out couch” as I like to call it and were using it to its full potential. gross

I’ve been frustrated lately with having lots of ideas and not being good at making them a reality. I wish I was better at drawing and making what I’m thinking visual. I did get a lot of sewing done the other day whilst sitting on my window sill watching the rain. It’s been raining hard for days. I gave my cardigan a make-over with short sleeves and new snazzy buttons, fixed the arm on my grocery bag, tightened up the buttons on my favorite skirt and sewed up moth holes in 2 shirts :/
If the world was fair and we could pick our own nicknames, I think I’d like to be called Wendy like from Peter Pan..