An update from Dublin, London and Krakow will come shortly after I bake some brownies and eat them 😀 hold tight

Ok so, the brownies turned out pretty ok. Nothing compared to american boxes brownies—oh my word.
Anyway, I finally caught up on all the sleep I missed while on my big trip. Let us begin with why I took this trip in the first place. Its goes back to the castle at namedy and all the students from all the countri
es who were there. One of my Trier friends, Kerstin (pronounced “cas-teen”), who started talking to one of the boys from Ireland and so when they were leaving they told us to visit and she and I said heck yes we’ll visit. So after weeks of me waiting for her to get back with me to finally plan something real she backed out so she could buy a new camera. It turned out to be ok though, because I quickly recruited Jenn to come with me to dublin, and to persuade her to go to Krakow, too so I could see the cute boy from the castle I threw in London- her dream city- into the itenerary as well. We found the 5 plane tickets we needed for real cheap on ryanair and everything was
booked in a couple days!
We arrived in Dublin noonish and the city was so cute and awesome and small and we walked around almost the whole thing on that first day. We went all the way down O’Connell Street, over the Liffey Bridge, past the Temple Bar and a Big Cathedral BUT the most important stop we made was at the Guinness Storehouse, which in the eyes of us two designers and Guinness lovers was a glorious place. The typography and design of the whole exhibit was really nice and after learning how its brewed and looking at years of old advertising campaigns we made it to the top for our free pint! And the guy who poured my pint made a four leaf clover on the top of the Guinness so I asked it he could do anything else, and he said he could make a heart but I’d have to earn it 😉 I tried..
We finally met up with Luke (our Dublin friend who Kerstin had been talking to) and he was running late for his soccer game so he took us to watch. I couldn’t believe I got to watch a live soccer game in Ireland. Turns out they weren’t the best and lost 4-0, but it rained a little on and off and I got a lot of pictures of rainbows that were forming everywhere! We stayed at his house with his family and the next day we shopped on Grafton Street, and tried to get into the public library to ogle the stacks, but there were none to see so I had to be content with taking an illegal picture of the reading room. 🙁 We asked an old man working there where all the books were and he explained in detail how the process worked. We kept talking to him and he told us all about this one book he though we would like, and then asked us if we were going to get drunk that night, haha, which Jenn answered “a little.” Then he asked how many pints of Guinness Jenn could drink and she promptly answered “10” to which he thought was quite amazing and told the next 4 people who walked by that “this girl here can drink 10 pints of Guinness.” I love the Irish.
That night after a yummy indian dinner we met up at the Village Bar to watch the Barcelona vs Man U game, which was really awesome to be in Ireland for as well. I couldn’t believe how expensive everything was there— one Guinness cost 6 euros!! But after buying one Guinness each we didn’t pay for anything else the rest of the night. More of our Dublin friends from the castle showed up, and it was so good to see them again! They paid for our drinks the rest of the night and I tried some Baileys on ice which was very tasty, and very authentic of course.. This was the night we were planning on staying up all night because our flight to London was the next morning at 6 ish. So we left the bar with them and all their friends that we met, and we went looking for a place to dance, but it was too expensive to get in, so Luke and Dave decided to give us a proper night tour of Dublin. We walked all through the streets while they gave us history, and it was really cute how much they knew and how passionate they were about their little country 🙂 We stopped at the Burger King which seemed to be the meeting place for all Dublin kids at 3 am, and chilled until it was time to go catch a cab. Oh and also, there were bouncers at BK because Irish people get so fiesty.. crazy.