Ah man, it was an adventure getting here to Trier finally! I rode on the plane with another classmate from Dallas, Anie, and we made it to London after watching 3 movies on the plane. She liked my idea to leave the airport and explore London over our long layover, but really we did not have as much time as we thought because apparently London traffic is the worst. Anyway we caught the Tube to Hyde Park Center and got to see some of the city on the ride. We walked through some parks and got to see buckingham palace and wandered around, got coffee, and stumbled upon a group lesson for roller-blading going on in the park. So awesome. The tube took 45 min to get to Hyde Park Center and we had to be at the airport 2hr prior to our next flight to Frankfurt, so we only had 1.5hr in London until we went back to meet up with Jarred at a pub in the airport for lunch. None of us were hungry because it was like 2 in the morning in the US, but Anie and I shared the fish n chips for novelty.

When we got to Frankfurt it was about 5 and they were in for going to Heidelberg first, so with help from many people we got our train tickets and boarded a full train and stood with out luggage for an hour next to the bathroom listening to people pee.. so far so good right? We ran to our next platform to get the Heidelberg train from Manheim and the same thing happened, but at least it was only 30 min. We got in late, and still had to figure out how to use the bus and find a place to sleep. What an adventure! We got to the hostel my dad had texted me directions too after riding the bus for 2 whole routes, and it turned out to be right next to a zoo! We could see the elephants right out of the window! We stayed in and had out first german beer and talked about everything that had happened in that one day that felt like 2.. then sleep FINALLY! except Anie didnt… darn jet lag

Next day we walked about 15/20 min to the city center (we had a good bearing of the city from our extensive ride on the bus the night before) and shopped at H&M where I got my “really german” jacket!! I’ll post a picture later, but I’m so happy! We ate at an italian restaurant and then headed back to the jugendherberge to sleep more and walked right past the bears habitat at the zoo next door. Only in Germany I guess? That night we caught the bus again to the city center- no more walking for us that day- and we searched for the bar we read about, Destille, known for the big tree growing in the middle of it! It was small and we were there early i guess because it became packed around 10 because it was the bartenders birthday! I got free german cake that was delicious! A big group of marines had a good time trying to flirt with Anie and I and Jarred ended up making 15 euros at the end of the night for the change from all the drinks they made him go get.. I was dubbed mama bear and got us safely back to the hostel after running away from the pirates! (the marines tried not to give up their identity as marines and thought pirates would be more believable?) 🙂

I’ve been staying with anja in Trier, and am about to leave to go meet my future roommates and then off to the foreign student party with free bier! haha More stories tomorrow! Enjoy the update. Guten Abend