I came to Nashville on a whim, and my broad dream to see as much of the world as I can, so when I was given a few months of free time before going to study abroad I decided to not spend it in Lawrence where all my friends would be going to class and I would probably have continued working at the coffee shop until I left. I figured the best way to keep my hands busy, and to stay up with my peers would be to do an internship during these few months rather than the summer months which were now unavailable. United Way of Nashville was the first place I was directed when I began asking around how to go about getting a non-profit internship, and it turned out they were in need of my help.

I haven’t expected anything, except experience in the field I may one day find myself and more “practice, practice, practice” before embarking to study in one of the most highly regarded countries for design—no big deal. But since I began working, people have not held back their gratitude and amazement that I’d be willing to do so much worth without getting paid or credited in some way. I’ve been treated to an amazing lunch and some subway sandwiches, and today, a fellow employee (not even in the marketing department) handed me $15 for everything that I’ve been doing for United Way. I still can’t believe how giving these people are, considering how little workers in non-profits are paid, and how they’re so used to people volunteering for things. I came not expecting anything, and I’m amazed at how much I’ve already gotten out of this experience. And I’m only halfway!