With the help of Anja, I found an apartment in Germany today! Here’s her secret email to me (she’s so awesome! ha)

Kim. Kim. Kim.
I have a room for you!!! It’s the “1rm/250E” one.
I write this via Email only to you cause I don’t want the others to get jealous.

It’s 4 min from Anja’s house, she told me, and ONE minute from school! Apparently they have a cat, which I’m very much a dog person, but my roommate back in lawrence just got one, so I guess this will be a good learning experience.. Anja Also sent me some pictures of the place. It looks so bright! I’m excited! Though, please note the washing machine sandwiched in between the stove and fridge.. haha. I will be living with 2 other girls, who are excited to be able to practice their english. Their names are Tanja and Claudi. Hopefully everything works out since no contracts have been signed, but I’m still excited!