It’s been super cold here lately. Not quite as cold as it’s been in lawrence though! School started Thursday for KU. I actually kind of miss it. Probably because I haven’t really been working on a whole lot of graphic design projects, more just database entries and meetings and such. It’s really hard to be in a cubicle all day, even though I decorated it awesomely. I still get really antsy when I don’t have anything to work on and it’s close to leaving time.

People have been really awesome with offering me rides to work or the bus station downtown, so that I only have to take 1 bus. I’m trying to cut back on complaining about it because so many people have no choice but to use it, and I only have to for 3 months. But the last story I’ll tell about it is that thursday morning, my bus driver took 2 stops for himself, one to get a pastry at sweet 16th pastry shop, and then next at a gas station to buy a bottle of water. It took me 45 min to finally get to the mcc (downtown bus station where you transfer busses) and to top it off I got asked to coffee by a 40-something guy.

Anyway, I have slowly gotten some design projects so my posts hopefully will become more about design and my internship; less decorating and bus complaining.