Strong points from the last couple days:

A possum died on the curb in front of our house, right by the couch that’s been sitting in the yard for weeks that the trash people refuse to take. Sick

Today I made cupcakes that could put hair on your chest. It was the result of leftover whiskey in my roommates fridge (both over 21 of course) and a craving to
bake. They were a little on the strong side, but it was covered by chocolate icing which fixes everything. Maybe more days in Nashville will help me grow into my metaphorical boots of being able to handle whiskey.

My bus got stuck behind a long slow train, that after 20 min it took for it to pass, ended up parking right before the road was clear to go. Unbelievable. So we had to off road it a bit and took a short cut around. My commutes are still 2 hours 🙁

I put my new decorations in my office, and got lots of compliments on my lava lamp! Bringin’ back the 90’s one lava lamp at a time!
Also, someone walked into our office asking if someone was pickling something..? Because he thought it smelled formaldehyde-ish? This is why I got the reed diffusers, but also because they smelled good at target, and were on
clearance and I’ve never had them before.

Jennifer, my boss’s boss, offered to buy the external hard drive I need to clear room on my computer to be able to use it for United Way graphics. After a lot of research and review reading I found this one. I’m so excited for
it to come in any day now! It holds 1 Terabyte (1000 gigabytes) And I couldn’t find any scary crashing stories about it! LaCie is apparently the first brand to have released a 1TB external hard drive, which in my mind, equals credibility. I’ll post a picture when It comes!

I’ve decided to try and get a poker tournament going this weekend with a $5 buy in to help fund my coffee addiction! Wish me luck!