More rain..

I’m so glad my friend Katie D is here with me to explore Nashville. I’m finally starting to feel like a little fish in a big city. Yesterday we went downtown to figure out how the bus system worked and everything I needed to do and pay to get to work every day. It seemed pricey though for a month pass- $78- way more than I pay on gas a month.. o well.

Downtown is pretty. I think there’s a lot more “districts” that we missed- where is the night life?? Where are the coffee shops?? I’ll figure it out.. I do love the architecture of the old looking buildings, though. There’s a lot on the Vanderbilt campus as well as city buildings downtown. I was so excited to go to the Public Library! There’s something about bookshelves that gets me going, but the aesthetic of the inside of the building did not match the facade. I’ll wait till Europe..

Katie and I also found ourselves at the Nashville State Museum, which is awesome. Lots of information about Andrew Jackson, which Katie was excited about- her family has weird obsessions?- and they also had a mummy. It was disgusting and really real, and I was just waiting for it to wake up like I was in a haunted house and kill me. The torture devices are always interesting, and I saw a lot of sweet daguerreotypes of random people.

We gave up looking for a coffee shop downtown, and headed back to a place called Fido that I’d heard Cresson talk a lot about. Very good coffee! Kt and I both worked at the same coffee shop for a year, so (humbly) we know our stuff, and it was perfect. We walked back in the rain and watched I <3>