Yet another blog inspired by a song. But it is raining again.

Cresson and I were up at 9 today, and she was quickly off for more mysterious sorority goings-on, while I was free to roam and explore my new home for the next 3 months.

I had a mission today to find “business casual” pants, which Cresson informed me was “anything, but jeans.” After a shower, an episode of What not to Wear, and a cup of peppermint tea to wash down yesterday’s dinner leftovers, I was off to the Clothing Exchanged that I had eyed yesterday on the street I now know as Hillsboro Village. No luck. It stopped raining long enough for me to make a few mile ride to a different part of town Cresson told me about (with the end destination being a coffee shop- of course) where I found a consignment store and some boutiques. I found my pants at the consignment store, but they had no gloves or mittens and my hands were freezing from riding in 34 degrees and mist so I crossed the street to a boutique and was greeted by the smallest fuzzball puppy I’ve ever seen.

Tily quickly became my favorite shopping buddy. I got my mittens which happened to be on sale! And talked to the ladies working- one of which was the owner (who liked my coat!) and the other was a senior at Belmont also doing Graphic design, ad they both had been to Germany, and instructed me on the castles I have to see when I’m there. I continued down the road to the Frothy Monkey Coffee shop, which was tasty, and I put on my headphones and tried to figure out the bus system from a flyer I snagged off a bus in Hillsboro Village. Maybe I’l understand it tomorrow.. I stayed there until the rain let up, it had started pouring once I had gotten inside. I fiddled aroung on my iPhone looking up things to do off the beaten path in Europe, and replying to some emails until the rain stopped, and I made a break for it and raced back home. And here I am.

Tonight we pick up my friend from Lawrence, Katie D! She wanted to take a trip over Winter break, and I wanted a friend to explore with me! I’m so excited, but I probably wont update until she’s gone. But I will promise pictures! Also I start my internship on Thursday with a big Marketing Committee meeting! I’m crossing my fingers that I figure out the bus.