I don’t know if I’ve ever visited a city without being welcomed by rain on the first day; and I don’t know if I’d want it any other way.

When the airplane was making its descent into the Nashville airport, it passed through the fluffiest barrier of clouds I’ve ever seen, and little droplets of moisture raced from the right side of my window to the other leaving little trails for the next drop to follow. I love flying in airplanes. I sat next to a big man who introduced himself as “Jed” and was headed back home to Hendersonville (just north of Nashville) from a cruise he took with his family over the holidays through the Panama canal. Obviously he became “Tennessee Jed” and we talked for the entire plane ride .

Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather be,
Baby won’t you carry me back to Tennessee.

I caught a taxi from the airport to Cresson’s house- my bff4eae from hs- and quickly made myself at home since she was out and about doing things for her sorority. I unfolded my bike- yes, it unfolds, and I rode up and down the street until i was confident it wouldnt collapse and fold back to its original state while I was on it. At the corner of the street there was a lady who looked local enough so I asked for diections to closest grocery store. On my way of following her directions I found myself on a street with cute shops, and it had begun raining instead of the mist I had been riding in, so I stoped in a store called Bookman Bookwoman. Guess what it sold.. books! so I bought the first 2 Harry Potter books because until anyone tells me i absolutely have to read this one book my plan is to reread the hp series.

The rain let up a little so I continued down the street eyeing shops I wanted to visit when it wasnt a sunday including a cowboy boot/shoe repair shop, the clothing exchange, pangea (hippie store), and fido coffee shop- Cresson’s favorite. I finally made it to the grocery story and got some essentials (hummus, baked bread, pasta and apples-duh) and grabbed some plastic produce bags for my makeshift rope I used to tie the paper grocery bag to my bike.

I came home and scarfed down my hummus while I watched Wet Hot American Summer, and You Me and Everyone We Know and rested my tired bones from lugging my bike and luggage around the airport. Cresson finally finished her sorority stuff, and we grabbed some dinner and coffee at another one of her favorite Nashville coffee shops, Cafe Coco. Very delicious! And I even got to meet some of her friends who were there.

It hasn’t hit me yet how long I’ll be here for, but so far Nashville is a big city with a small town feel, so I have no doubts that I’ll fall in love with it.